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Troubleshooting CustomCare

Precision Distributing cannot design or program custom protocols for you.
Please watch the video below to learn how to alter standard protocols and program custom protocols into the CustomCare.

Equipment Repair

Software is meant for professional use only and it is not recommended to be sold or provided to patients. If the practitioner does provide the software to a patient, it is the practitioners responsibility to show the patient how to use the software and prescribe the patient treatment protocols. PDI cannot provide medical advice.

Tech Support Appointment

If you are still having an issue with your CustomCare software please schedule an appointment below.

FIRST, download Teamviewer so we can remote into your computer.  The link will automatically download the free version of the TeamViewer software.  Click on the Free Personal Non Commercial version and install it before your appointment, please.

Second, Make sure all of your Windows Updates are completed as of the date of your appointment. This is required for your software to function optimally.

Third, Email with your Team Viewer ID and Password at the time of your appointment to allow assistance remotely.

Technical support is not available on demand.

Your CustomCare purchase includes 1 optional software installation and up to 2 hours of technical support.

Technical support beyond the included time is $30.00 per 1/2 hour.  We cannot prorate the fee the full time is not used.

Technical support is not available on demand.  A support appointment must be made through the website.  We have limited staffing and appreciate your understanding. 

CustomCare Common Issues

The CustomCare software installation steps have not been completed.  Please review the “read me first” file on your CustomCare flash drive and be sure to complete all of the installation steps.

The CustomCare display will always list the larger frequency on the bottom.  This is normal operation and the unit is functioning correctly.

Before you hit the ‘Save Treatments To Unit’ button, click on the ‘Renumber Modes’ button.

You have more than one version of the CustomCare software running.  Close one of the versions.  If you cannot find the other open version of the software, restart your computer and open the CustomCare software again.

You have one of three items to check for:

1) a zero (If you need to program a zero please use 0.1.)Protocols cannot use zero. 

 2) something was left blank (Either a blank space, Line or name)

3) or you have 4 digits in one of your modes. (our software supports frequencies range 0.1- 999.0 ) Protocols cannot use zero.  

You will need to find the error in your protocol(s) and change them.

You have too many protocols in your list that you are attempting to program onto the unit.  The CustomCare unit will hold approximately 45 protocols at a time. Your Custom care may have become disconnected or you are attempting to turn the unit back on while in programming mode. (the screen goes blank during programming.)


Precision Distributing provides the highest quality prescription microcurrent equipment to licensed practitioners. The devices have a one-year warranty for manufacturers defects. The warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse or misuse. Devices can be repaired but not returned. Prescription devices cannot be returned due to ISO and FDA regulations. Devices may be returned if they are unopened within 14 days of the purchase. A 10% restocking fee will apply.
Our frequency specific microcurrent units are medical equipment.  In order to purchase microcurrent equipment from Precision Distributing, you must have completed the core FSM training material to ensure proper understanding, usage and contraindications.

If you have a license to use electrical stimulation:
  1. Attend a Core Frequency Specific Seminar – or –
  2. Watch the Core Seminar DVD -or-
  3. Read the textbook Frequency Specific Microcurrent in Pain Management
*see training and equipment bundles

If you are a patient:
You will need a prescription from a trained FSM practitioner.

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