CustomCare Technical Support

Troubleshooting CustomCare

Precision Distributing cannot design or program custom protocols for you.
Please watch the video below to learn how to alter standard protocols and program custom protocols using the 2.0 software into the CustomCare.

Equipment Repair

Software is meant for professional use only and it is not recommended to be sold or provided to patients. If the practitioner does provide the software to a patient, it is the practitioners responsibility to show the patient how to use the software and prescribe the patient treatment protocols. PDI cannot provide medical advice.

Unit Warranty

Tech Support Appointment

If you are still having an issue with your CustomCare software please schedule an appointment below.

FIRST, Make sure all of your Windows Updates (including the suggested driver updates) are completed as of the date of your appointment. This is required for your software to function optimally.

Second, Call 1-360-693-5000 to provide your email, at your appointment time.

Third, a Downloadable LINK will be emailed to the email of your choice. Please make sure this email is accessible on the computer you wish to receive technical support on.

Technical support is not available on demand.

Your CustomCare purchase includes 1 optional software installation and up to 2 hours of technical support.

Technical support beyond the included time is $30.00 per 1/2 hour.  We cannot prorate the fee the full time is not used.

Technical support is not available on demand.  A support appointment must be made through the website.  We have limited staffing and appreciate your understanding. 

CustomCare 3.0 Common Issues

The new CustomCare 3.0 is now available.  If you have already purchased CustomCare software in the past please email us at to request the download.  If you have not purchased the CustomCare software and programming cable please click here.

If you are having technical issues with the new Customcare 3.0 software please refer to the user guide.  If you still need assistance after reviewing the user guide use the instructions to the left to make a tech support appointment.

CustomCare 2.0 Common Issues

Please backup your CustomCare software on a regualar basis to avoid the loss of custom protocols and patient information.  

Instructions on how to backup your CustomCare software can be found here.

After installing the CustomCare software your computer may not have chosen the correct COM port for your CustomCare unit.  Your computer may also be missing the driver software for your serial cable.  

Here are instructions on how to align your COM ports and download the serial driver if needed.

This error message appears when the CustomCare installation steps have not been completed in the correct order. There is an icon that needs to be deleted in one of the installation steps. First, delete the Custom Care icon from the computer screen. Then open the “Read me first” file on the CustomCare flash drive or software download.

If the Read me first” instructions are followed exactly, this error message will not appear.

The CustomCare display will always list the larger frequency on the bottom.  This is normal operation and the unit is functioning correctly.

This error message appears when the protocols are not in numerical sequence. Close the error message, return to the programming screen and click on the “Renumber Modes” icon.

This error message can also appear when the lines in a particular protocol are not in numerical sequence. Go to each protocol, especially any protocol that has been customized for this patient, and click on the “Renumber Programs”.

This error message will appear when an attempt is made to open the custom care software when it is already open. Only one version of the software can be open at one time. If this error appears, close the error message by pressing the “Quit” icon, find the open version of the software and use that one.

If it is difficult to find the other open version, sometimes it is useful to restart the computer, which will close all of the open programs and then open the CustomCare software again.

There are three errors that will cause this problem:

1) Protocols cannot be programmed with a blank field. Check the protocols being programmed for a blank field such as wave shape, frequency number, current level, or current polarity

2) If there is a zero (0.0) in a field, this error message will appear. Please use 0.1 in the place of a 0.0

3) If there are 4 digits in a frequency, the unit cannot program it. The software supports a frequency range of 0.1 to 999.

Once you find these errors and correct them the scrolling error message should disappear.

The most common reason for this error is that there are too many protocols being transferred from the software to the unit. The Custom Care satellite will hold approximately 45 protocols at one time.

It is also possible that the unit has become disconnected during transfer and sometimes this error will appear when one of the buttons on the unit is accidentally pushed during the transfer. Wait until the word “Done” appears in the upper right corner of the computer screen before pressing any buttons on the satellite.

Sometimes this error appears when the protocols on the programming screen need to be renumbered.


Precision Distributing provides the highest quality prescription microcurrent equipment to licensed practitioners. The devices have a one-year warranty for manufacturers defects. The warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse or misuse. Devices can be repaired but not returned. Prescription devices cannot be returned due to ISO and FDA regulations. Devices may be returned if they are unopened within 14 days of the purchase. A 10% restocking fee will apply.

Our frequency specific microcurrent units are medical equipment.  In order to purchase microcurrent equipment from Precision Distributing, you must have completed the core FSM training material to ensure proper understanding, usage and contraindications.

If you have a license to use electrical stimulation:

  1. Attend a Core Frequency Specific Seminar – or –
  2. Watch the Core Seminar Video -or-
  3. take the Core FSM On-line Course

*see training and equipment bundles

If you are a patient:

You will need a prescription from a trained FSM practitioner.