Frequently Asked Questions

Precision Distributing can program your CustomCare unit with standard protocols only! 

This service incurs a $50 Fee.

We cannot program custom protocols into your CustomCare.

The unit will need to be shipped to our office.  
Please fill out this form before you ship in your unit.

Precision Distributing is committed to providing the best Frequency Specific units to our customers.  We do not offer financing or credit terms, however, we work with several leasing companies.

Leasing Options

Precision Distributing provides the highest quality prescription microcurrent equipment to licensed practitioners. The devices have a one-year warranty for manufacturers defects. The warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse or misuse. Devices can be repaired but not returned. Prescription devices cannot be returned due to ISO and FDA regulations. Devices may be returned if they are unopened within 14 days of the purchase. A 10% restocking fee will apply.

Most of the equipment sold by Precision Distributing is manufactured in Seattle Washington.  PEMF units are manufactured in Georgia.

Our frequency specific microcurrent units are medical equipment.  In order to purchase microcurrent equipment from Precision Distributing, you must have completed the core FSM training material to ensure proper understanding, usage and contraindications.

If you have a license to use electrical stimulation:

  1. Attend a Core Frequency Specific Seminar – or –
  2. Watch the Core Seminar Video -or-
  3. take the Core FSM On-line Course

*see training and equipment bundles

If you are a patient:

You will need a prescription from a trained FSM practitioner.
  • All of our FSM units are battery operated so you will not need to worry about power converters if traveling abroad.
  • We have never had any issue with FSM units causing any problems going through airport security.
  • When packing your unit be sure to remove the batteries first.  Take care that the unit has sufficient padding on all sides.