Lead Care

Leads are sensitive to mishandling and are not covered by warranty.  Please inspect immediately upon receipt and return to distributor within 7 days if the defect is present. 

Lead Care

  • Never wrap the leads tightly around handles, bars or a unit.
  • Do not coil leads tightly.
  • Avoid excessive tugging or pulling on the lead during treatment.
  • To insert, align the arrow on the plug with the arrow on the machine’s receptacle. BE SURE TO PULL THE PLASTIC COLLAR BACK BEFORE INSERTING. It is a firm fit; GENTLY insert until it clicks. Disconnect the lead from the glove by pulling on the colored plug near the tip do not pull on the wire. 
  • Leave the leads plugged in if possible. If you must remove the lead set, BE SURE TO RETRACT THE LOCKING MECHANISM ON THE PLUG PRIOR TO DISCONNECTING

Insert the leads carefully. Be sure to retract the black plastic sleeve on the DIN plug before inserting the plug into the device with the flat side up. Failure to do this may result in damage to the DIN plug or the plug receptacle. Repairs to these parts caused by misuse or failure to follow this direction are not covered by warranty.  Once the sleeve is retracted, insert the plug until it clicks or is firmly seated into the receptacle.

Troubleshooting leads
To check if the leads are conducting properly, place all 4 leads in a glass of tap water and run a protocol on your unit.  You should see the conductivity bars for both channel A and channel B pulsing on the display of your unit.  If one or both channels do not display then the leads need to be replaced.

Some people may experience a prickling or itching during treatment.  Each person will have a different sensitivity level.  Turning the amperage down will normally help.