Education Required For Purchase

The PrecisionCARE is a completely manual unit giving you the flexibility to change any setting during treatment.  The unit does not contain any memory to run automated protocols.  

PrecisionCare Includes:
FSM Unit
6 “D” Cell Batteries
1 Pack Crocodile Clips 
Velcro Resonance Wraps
1 Pack, One-Time Use, Sticky Pads
Lead Wires*
Technical product support available for purchase.

Equipment Financing

Education required to purchase.

Expedited orders must be placed before 1:00 PM Pacific Time.  After 1:00 PM orders will ship the following day.


This digital unit offers maximum flexibility and specificity in all treatment parameters. It is the ultimate unit for those practitioners who want to excel in the use of Frequency Specific Microcurrent resonance therapy.

The PrecisionCare© has two independent channels that can each be set to a three-digit specific frequency plus one decimal point precision. The current can be set between 10 and 600 microamps and is delivered with a variable slope ramped square wave. The DC current can be used in alternating, positive, or negative mode making it ideal for treating virtually every kind of patient with any condition. The unit comes with four leads, two for each channel, connected through a state of the art DIN plug. Dual tipped probes plug into the DIN plug and can be purchased separately for the practitioner who uses probes as a treatment method.

The frequencies being delivered, the polarity, the time elapsed and remaining, and the current level are all shown on the LED screen. This feature is essential on any unit being used for delivering frequency-specific treatments. In the event of a beneficial effect or any reaction, the practitioner needs to know what frequency was running when that effect occurred.

This device uses 6 D cell batteries. With average daily clinical use the batteries last approximately one to two years. Battery life will vary depending on quality and age of the battery, how they have been stored and how many hours they have been used. Use of rechargeable batteries is not recommended. The unit will notify user when the battery is too low to operate the device.

Quote from an FSM practitioner:
“Only that it is more difficult to get the wow factor when running pre-made protocols unless the diagnosis is bang on! I couldn’t do what I do without having access to a machine with a manual mode, especially for initial investigation. Remember we are treating the cause of the pain to get lasting results.”

*Leads are sensitive to mishandling and are not covered by warranty.  Please inspect immediately upon receipt and return to the distributor within 7 days if the defect is present.


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    Weight 5.5 lbs
    Dimensions 13 × 13 × 9 in

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