AutoCare 1300©

Education Required For Purchase

CLEARANCE PRICE –  Limited Quantity Available

AutoCARE Includes:
FSM Unit
6 “D” Cell Batteries
1 Pack Crocodile Clips
Velcro Resonance Wraps
1 Pack One-Time Use Sticky Pads
Lead Wires*
Product Support** (technical product support only)

Education required to purchase.

Expedited orders must be placed before 1:00 PM Pacific Time.  After 1:00 PM orders will ship the following day.


– AutoCare 1300 is being discontinued
– No additional discounts
– Cannot be bundled

  • Runs pre-programmed sequences of frequencies
  • Excellent additional capacity for the busy office
  • Enhances office efficiency by providing unattended treatments
  • Can be used as a rental for home treatment
  • Cost-effective way to provide treatment with two machines
  • Manual mode allows some customization

The AutoCare1300© provides 120 preprogrammed frequency specific microcurrent protocols programmed personally by Dr. McMakin. This durable, sturdy tabletop unit allows the practitioner to hold on a certain frequency combination indefinitely, skip a frequency combination by moving forward to the next in a sequence or move back to the last frequency combination that was used. Unique frequency combinations can be entered and used but not stored in the unit. This device is a must for busy clinic practices that treat a wide range of pain, trauma, and visceral conditions.

The frequencies being delivered, the polarity, the time elapsed and remaining, and the current level are all shown on the LED screen. This feature is essential for any unit being used for delivering frequency specific treatments. In the event of a beneficial effect or any reaction, the practitioner needs to know what frequency was running when that effect occurred.

The protocols are sequences of frequencies delivered in a specific order for specific periods of time. They are delivered by the device and identified by initials on the LCD screen. The initials on the summary sheets and on the screen stand for sequences of frequencies to be run in a certain order and for specific periods of time, for which the manufacturer and distributor make no claims. FDA requirements mandate this system.

This device uses 6 D cell batteries. With average daily clinical use the batteries last approximately 6 months to two years. Battery life will vary depending on the quality and age of the battery, how they have been stored and how many hours they have been used. The use of rechargeable batteries is not recommended. The unit will notify the user when the battery is too low to operate the device.

*Leads are sensitive to mishandling and are not covered by warranty.  Please inspect immediately upon receipt and return to the distributor within 7 days if the defect is present. 

**Units include up to 3 hours of live product support.  Additional live support may be purchased if needed.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 9 in