Practitioners Starter Kit-PD & CCP

Education Required For Purchase

Everything you need to get started!

PrecisionCare – Manual Diagnostic and Treatment Unit
CustomCare Pack- Automated / Programmable Treatment Unit
Bum Bag Fanny Pack
2 Sets 6′ Heavy Duty Leads 
2 Packs Crocodile Clips 
1 Set Resonance Wraps
1 Set Programming Cables
CustomCare Software

***Software is meant for professional use only and it is not recommended to be sold or provided to patients. If the practitioner does provide the software to a patient, it is the practitioners responsibility to show the patient how to use the software and prescribe the patient treatment protocols. PDI cannot provide medical advice.***

****coupons cannot be applied to equipment bundles

Education required to purchase.

Expedited orders must be placed before 1:00 PM Pacific Time.  After 1:00 PM orders will ship the following day.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 9 in

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