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Custom Care Pack
Custom Care Unit | Leads | 9V Battery | Custom Care Software | Programming Cable

Custom Care Pre-programmed Unit
Custom Care Unit | Leads | 9V Battery | Up To 40 Protocols
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Custom Care Satellite
Custom Care Unit | Leads | 9V Battery

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The CustomCare© Pack comes with PC compatible software and one pocket-sized microcurrent satellite. The CustomCare© software resides on the practitioner’s PC computer and allows the practitioner to prescribe specific protocols for any specific patient. The software contains 83 preprogrammed protocols from the AutoCare Plus© and 120 updated protocols from the AutoCare1300©.

The software allows the practitioner to use these standard protocols or create and store completely unique protocols customized for an individual patient or situation. The practitioners can also program and store specific single frequency combinations to use the satellite in a way that approximates a Precision Care. The customized protocols can be stored in the software and then later transferred on to any individual satellite.

The practitioner can then transfer up to 40 protocols of preprogrammed sequences of frequencies from the software mode bank storage onto a small handheld CustomCare© microcurrent “satellite”. The satellites can be used in the office or sold and sent home with patients.

The frequencies being delivered, the polarity, the time elapsed and remaining, and the current level is all shown on the LED screen. This feature is essential on any unit being used for delivering frequency specific treatments. In the event of a beneficial effect or any reaction, the practitioner needs to know what frequency was running when that effect occurred.

The software allows/ requires the practitioner to set an “expiration date” on each satellite, depending on when the patient should return for reassessment. When the unit reaches the “expiration date” the satellite will stop running and delivers a notice to the patient that the unit needs to be reprogrammed by the practitioner. This feature ensures that the practitioner doesn’t lose touch with the patient simply because the patient has a unit to use to reduce symptoms at home.

Because the CustomCare© can be sent home with patients it has no manual mode. The satellite can be paused but cannot be advanced, cannot skip a frequency or hold on any specific frequency. The satellite cannot enter any frequency onto itself, all frequency sequences must be entered into the protocol stored on the computer and then loaded onto the satellite.

This device uses a 9v battery. With average daily use, the battery lasts approximately one month. Battery life will vary depending on quality and age of the battery, how it has been stored and how many hours it has been used. Use of rechargeable batteries is not recommended. The unit displays a battery level indicator and will notify the user when the battery is too low to operate the device.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in
CustomCare© Options

Single Satellite, Pack, Pre-programed


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